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Medan – Located in the heart of Medan, the Premium Office Tower, which is located in the integrated area of ​​Podomoro City Deli Medan, was built by a well-known developer in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro Land. The Premium Office Tower along with the entire Podomoro City Deli Medan integrated area was carefully designed by taking into account the aesthetic value of the building's function by a world-class consultant DP Architect Singapore. The Premium Office Tower grade A concept in the Podomoro City Deli Medan area was adopted from the APL Tower office building in the Podomoro City Jakarta area where many national and multinational companies have offices in it.


1. The main consideration, of course, is the strategic LOCATION. This corresponds to the location of Podomoro City Deli Medan which is located right at the intersection of Jalan Putri Hijau and Guru Patimpus so it is easily visible from various directions,opposite the JW Marriot Hotel Medan on the side of Jalan Putri Hijau and TVRI North Sumatra station on the side of Jalan Guru Patimpus. Located on the same street as the Bank Indonesia North Sumatra branch, the main office branch of Bank BRI North Sumatra which is currently under construction, the main office branch of Bank Mandiri North Sumatra, Telkomsel building, a large post office, various government and private companies, Medan City Hall as well as Merdeka Walk or Lapangan Merdeka, known as the “0” point of Medan, and Airport Railink Station Medan, which serves the route within Medan to Kualanamu International Airport (round trip) which is only 0.5 km from Podomoro City Deli Medan or +/- 3 minutes driving.

2. FACILITIES in an office building that can support company operations must also be carefully considered. The developer anticipates this by providing a series of facilities that will provide convenience and comfort for company owners and other stakeholders, such as a large, modern lobby with high ceiling. The developer is collaborating with a world-class well-known consultant, namely DYXY from Los Angeles, California, USA, a generator facility with electric power capable of fully supporting office operations if the supply from the State Electricity Company (PLN) is out, 16 high-speed elevators are divided into 2 corridors, 8 special elevators serve the low zone (low zone) and 8 others serve the high floor (high zone).

Another premium facility is the sky garden, which is a green open space in the Premium Office Tower that you can use to mingle with business partners or simply relieve fatigue on the sidelines of work activities by breathing fresh air while enjoying the atmosphere of the city of Medan, which will undoubtedly provide a different sensation.

3. The developer of PREMIUM OFFICE SPACE PODOMORO CITY DELI MEDAN provides VARIOUS OFFICE SPACE SIZES based on company needs, starting from the smallest of 85 m2 to one floor area with a size of 2000 m2. Currently, many companies have joined the Premium Office Tower which are engaged in various industries such as banking, financing, trade, plantations, health, food and beverage, beauty clinics, advocate offices, and so on. There is a company that takes half a floor and even 1 floor at a time which is carried out by one of the well-known multi-finance companies in Indonesia.

On the Ground Floor of Premium Office Space, there are also 2 Banking Hall units. Of course, the presence of the Banking Hall will make financial transactions easier for businesses with offices in the Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan.

For those of you who want to have Office Space at the Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan, there are various flexible payment methods according to your financial plans or your company by contacting our marketing executive team.

4. SECURITY is also an important consideration. The Premium Office Tower will later implement high security standards by installing CCTV in every corner, security officers on guard 24 hours, inspection of vehicles when entering the area with inspection mirrors and hand held metal detectors. Likewise, when entering the building, visitors' bags/carry-ons must first pass through an x-ray scanner while visitors pass through a body scanner. The use of high technology, namely automatic access when entering the office lobby area with touchless systems that are integrated with each other, such as facial recognition, mobile phone wireless access, visitor self-registration system, all three of which are integrated with the elevator system which directly shows the position of the elevator which must be entered to to reach the destination floor.

5. CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP can provide a sense of security for the owner of the company. The owner of the company can run his company more calmly and freely without worrying if the lease period is not extended by the owner of the building. Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan is the only luxury office building in Medan city that offers a Strata Title ownership system.

6. Office buildings are managed professionally by the BUILDING MANAGERS who have experience and have a good reputation for many years, such as Agung Podomoro Land by reflecting on the success of APL Tower in Podomoro City Jakarta.

7. It has a SPECIAL FEATURE that other office buildings in Medan do not have, which is directly connected to the Delipark Mall luxurious shopping center making it easier for Premium Office Tower stakeholders to carry out daily activities ranging from lunch, buying office supplies/equipment, buying souvenirs and entertaining business relations as well as meeting points or simply releasing fatigue after work by walking around the Rivapark area, which is a green open space surrounded by famous cafes integrated with Delipark Mall.

The Delipark luxurious shopping center which is directly connected to the Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan has been operating since last year with various well-known tenants such as SOGO, Transmart Carrefour, XXI Cinema with Imax Studio, Best Denki, Fun World, Ace Hardware, Informa, and other various branded stores, besides that, there are also various well-known fashion stores, a beauty clinic, gadget stores, children's playgrounds and so on. These Delipark Mall tenants mix is ​​very good, similar to Central Park Mall in Jakarta, such as Sephora, Pull & Bear, Best Denki, Starbucks Reserve, Kimukatsu, Genki Sushi and other brands making their debut in Medan.

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