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Premium Office Tower Podomoro City: Your all-access business and leisure hub in Medan

Premium Office Tower Podomoro City: Your all-access business and leisure hub in Medan

Premium Office Tower Podomoro City: Your all-access business and leisure hub in Medan . (./.)

Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, is the third largest city in Indonesia and has a fast-growing economy with one of the highest urbanization rates in the country. With massive infrastructure development projects like the Trans Sumatra Highway and a citywide LRT (light rail transit), supported by existing infrastructure like Kualanamu International Airport and Belawan International Container Terminal, investing in Medan promises high returns.

It comes as no surprise that Medan is filled with a high number of skyscrapers, both already in operation and still in construction, signaling optimism for the future of Indonesia, especially in the North Sumatra economy.

Capitalizing on the optimistic outlook for Medan, PT Agung Podomoro Land, through its subsidiary PT Sinar Menara Deli, has launched Premium Office Tower in Podomoro City, an integrated mixed complex in Deli Medan district. The 5.2-hectare superblock consists of 12 residential apartments, a five-star hotel and Delipark Mall, the largest and most luxurious shopping mall in Medan that is integrated with Rivapark, an outdoor lifestyle and leisure venue lined with cafes and restaurants.

Why choose Premium Office Tower Podomoro City?

  1. Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan is located in the heart of Medan at the intersection of Jl. Putri Hijau and Jl. Guru Patimpus, surrounded by infrastructure that supports business activities, such as banks, government institutions, hotels and culinary centers, as well as a wide range of transportation options. It stands right across from the JW Marriott Hotel Medan on Jl. Putri Hijau and from national broadcaster TVRI’s North Sumatra headquarters on Jl. Guru Patimpus.

    Just down the road from Premium Office Tower are major public and private institutions such as Bank Indonesia, BRI (in construction), Bank Mandiri, BCA, Telkomsel, the post office and Medan City Hall. It is also located just a stone’s throw from Merdeka Walk, the city’s iconic culinary hub, and is just a 3-minute drive to Medan
    Airport Railink Station, which connects the city to Kualanamu airport.
  2. Well-equipped facilities will ensure comfort for tenants, their clients and visitors, such as a spacious and high-ceilinged modern lobby designed by DYXY Architecture + Interiors based in Los Angeles, California. Premium Office Tower’s generator system can support full operations during a power outage, while it has two corridors with 16 elevators, the largest number of elevators in a Medan office space.

    Other premium facilities in the office tower include the Sky Lounge, a green space with a pool located on the 8th floor, where stakeholders can hold business meetings looking out over the Medan skyline, or use as a momentarily escape from the hectic work day surrounded by lush plants.

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  3. Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan offers varied office spaces that range from 85 square meters to 2,000 sqm to accommodate every kind of company. Many businesses across a broad spectrum of industries have joined Premium Office Tower, from banking, finance, law, trade and agriculture to healthcare, beauty and hospitality. To facilitate financial transactions, the Ground Floor also hosts two Banking Halls, one of which is owned by Bank Permata.
  4. Security  is a top priority for Premium Office Tower, which has installed a wide range of security and safety features, such as CCTV cameras, 24-hour security services, vehicle inspections using under vehicle mirrors and handheld metal detectors, as well as full body scanners for guests and X-ray scanners for bags and objects.

    An integrated security system using state-of-the-art technology is installed in the elevator corridors. The system combines the benefits of facial recognition technology, smartphone integration and self-registration kiosks for visitor management, escorting guests to their assigned elevator units until they reach their destination.

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  5. Premium Office Tower Podomoro City Deli Medan is currently the only premium office space in Medan that offers a Strata Title ownership certificate, providing ease of mind for companies by freeing them from lease agreements and payments.
  6. The office tower is operated by an experienced building managementthat has an illustrious reputation and counts the APL Tower in Podomoro City Jakarta among its portfolio.
  7. Its link tooffers ease for company employees and visitors to go out for lunch, purchase office supplies and souvenirs, have lunch meetings or dine out with business partners. All employees and guests can relax at the end of a day working or shopping at Rivapark, the adjoining outdoor lifestyle and leisure space.

Delipark Mall has a tenant mix similar to Central Park Mall in Jakarta, such as SOGO, Transmart, Best Denki, Fun World, Ace Hardware and Informa. It is also home to major fashion and lifestyle brands like Sephora, Pull & Bear, Coach New York, Starbucks Reserve, Kimukatsu, and Genki Sushi, and also has a Cinema XXI with an IMAX Studio, some of which made Delipark Mall the location of their flagship outlets in Medan.

With its plethora of facilities and benefits, you can own an office at Premium Office Space Podomoro City Deli Medan for a special price that starts from Rp 2.9 billion.

Payment is as easy as a Rp 25 million booking fee and three down payments of 10 percent each, while the remaining 70 percent can be paid in up to 45 installments. Bank Permata also offers an office property ownership credit scheme with monthly installments starting from as low as Rp 30 million.

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