Berita terbaru Podomoro City Deli Medan


A comfortable office space will create an ideal working environment for each employee.  Similarly, with competitive office space prices, it is beneficial to reduce company expenses. 

For those of you who plan to look for office space, the following are some tips that you have to know.   

Office Space Located in a Strategic Location

One of the essential factors in choosing an office space is its location. Located in the central business district, access to the airport, close to shopping center and health care service facilities will surely create comfort for the employees. Strategic location is also an additional value to increase the company’s selling value  as well as to build a good branding of your company.

Make Sure the Space Size Corresponds to the Number of Employees

The price of an office space varies depending on the size of the room, facilities and location. Before deciding to buy or rent an office space, ensure that the number of employees is balanced with the size of the office space area. The goal is for each employee to be comfortable while working and not to be overcrowded in one room. 

Consider Renovating the Office Space

Nowadays, office spaces are more creatively designed to provide an ideal working atmosphere for employees. To evoke a sense of exclusivity while remaining homey, use appliances with bright-colored dominants, starting with wall color selection and office appliance colors. Minimalist decoration, but no less luxurious looks deserve to be considered in renovating the office space. 

Check Out the Office Space Facilities

Before renting an office, it is a good idea for you to check the facilities provided at the office building from high-speed internet network, entrance lobby, integrated lift access, receptionist to cleaning service. And don’t forget to  look into additional supporting facilities such as parks or green open spaces, as it is also no less important. Because this indicates if the office building has good air circulation and is suitable to be the place for employees to spend their short break in.

Choose an Office Space with Adequate Security Features

Not only should an office space be comfortable, but it should also be secure considering all confidential documents are commonly kept there, for that, qualified security features are a must have. Choose an office space with a central security system that requires all visitors, whether employees or other office exponents, to go through security checks such as carry-on items, ID card checking, access card exchange, and other security protocols. 

For those of you who are looking for office space, looking at the options in the Podomoro City Deli Medan superblock area is the ideal choice because this office area offers numerous advantages. 

Podomoro City Deli Medan was built with a mixed use concept on an area of ​​5.2 hectares consisting of Exclusive Apartment, Premium Apartment, Tribeca Condominium, Premium Office Tower, Deli Park Shopping Mall and a five-star hotel.

This is the first smart office space in Medan that provides integrated access technology with facial recognition, mobile phone access, access card, integrated lift access, high-speed lift and a sky garden which is a comfortable green open area that is perfect for a short break after work. There is a banking hall area on the L floor and the Mezzanine floor.

Interestingly, the Podomoro City Deli office space is directly connected to the largest malls in Medan, namely Deli Park and Riva Park which offer a wide selection of restaurants with the concept of outdoor dining experiences. You can easily find culinary destinations for lunch or meeting with clients.

The office space in Podomoro City Deli Medan is divided into 2 elevator zoning, namely the Low zone and the High Zone. For the Low Zone, serving the 1st floor to the 18th floor with various office space sizes ranging from a semi-gross area of ​​93.72 m2 to 2049.71 m2.

Meanwhile, the elevator for the High Zone serves floors 19 to 32. The office space in Podomoro City Deli Medan which occupies this area has a semi-gross area of ​​85.08 m2 to 2133.48 m2.