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5 Advantages Of Buying an Office Space at Podomoro City Deli Medan

Working in a comfortable workplace is every employee's desire. It is not uncommon for brilliant ideas to develop at work as a result of a supportive working environment. Employees' productivity is rising as well if they work in an office space that makes them feel at ease.

Modern office space offers creative design to set an ideal working environment. Furthermore, there are numerous facilities that you can find in the office space ranging from high-speed internet network services/WIFI, a large and comfortable lobby entrance, integrated lift access, guaranteed 24-hour security, spacious parking area, receptionists to cleaning services, besides its highly strategic location in the middle of the city. 

With these various facilities, it is undeniably more comfortable to choose an office space than choosing a shophouse as your office, which is generally located in a less strategic location and has a very limited parking capacity due to the incapacious area, besides lacking essential facilities that modern office buildings have. Podomoro City Deli Medan office space has a large area even in big cities, the placement of the office space available in one area with malls and residential areas given with direct access. The concept of a mixed use area is common in Jakarta and Surabaya. 

To those of you who are currently looking for office space, these are the advantages we provide if you choose to have an office space at Podomoro City Deli Medan.

Increasing Company’s Reputation

The highly strategic location is one of the benefits of Podomoro City Deli Medan office space.  Choosing the right location can affect the image of your company. Choose an office space located within the CBD (Central Business District) or in a mixed-use area featuring office areas, malls, to residential areas such as apartments and condominiums. One of the recommended office spaces in the famous mixed use area of Medan is Podomoro City Deli Medan. 

Comfort and Safety Ensured

When you buy our office space, you don't have to worry about the cost of hiring receptionists, cleaners, and security officers because they are generally provided in the form of centralized services in the building where the office space is located. So, even if you work in a shared office space, as most office spaces on one floor are not solely occupied by one company, the receptionist is the one in charge of directing guests to the intended company. The same can be said for centralized cleaning and security services.

Practical and Efficient

Having an office in an Office Space is certainly more practical than having an office in a shophouse because, apart from all of the facilities available in the office tower, you are also facilitated in terms of finding office and personal needs, welcoming business relations and so on, especially for office towers located in mixed-use areas like the Office Tower of Podomoro City Deli Medan.

Modern and Complete Facilities

This is the first smart office building in Medan, also the first office tower with direct access to the biggest mall in Medan, namely DELIPARK mall with an outdoor area called RIVAPARK.

Podomoro City Deli Medan was built with the mixed use concept on an area of 5.2 hectares consisting of 3 Exclusive Apartment towers, 2 Premium Apartment towers, Penthouses, Condominium, DELIPARK Shopping Mall, a five-star hotel and of course the Premium Office Tower.  

Providing entrance mode technology with facial recognition system, mobile phone access and access cards integrated with high-speed lift access and a sky garden located at the height of Office Tower which is a comfortable green open space perfect for relaxing after work. There is also a banking hall in the lobby of Podomoro City Deli Medan Office Tower that is exclusively for banking institutions.

What’s more interesting is, since the office space at Podomoro City Deli Medan is directly connected to the biggest mall in Medan, namely DELIPARK, with its outdoor lifestyle area called RIVAPARK, there are numerous restaurants that offer the concept of outdoor dining experiences. So, you can easily find culinary destinations to have lunch or even to hold client meetings.

Ownership Rights

When you buy an office space at Podomoro City Deli Medan, you will receive a Strata Title Ownership Certificate. This is the ownership rights to an office space that can be sold, making it a more secure investment. Furthermore, Office Space with this Strata Title Ownership provides a high rate of return on investment.

Office space at Podomoro City Deli Medan is classified into 3: the Banking Hall, the Low Zone and the High Zone. In the Banking Hall, the office space is located on the Ground Floor area with an office area offered starting from a semi gross of 134.79 m2 and an area of 360.09 m2 which has been purchased by Permata Bank. While Low Zone, serves the 1st floor to the 18th floor with a wide variety of office space sizes ranging from a semi gross of 93.72 m2 to 2049.71 m2.

Meanwhile, the High Zone serves the 19th floor to the 32nd floor. The office space in Podomoro City Deli Medan has a semi-gross area ranging from 85.08 m2 to 2133.48 m2. Nowadays, numerous businesses have joined the Podomoro City Deli Medan Office Tower, including banks, insurance companies, finance firms, trading, plantations, health, retail, beauty clinics, advocate offices, notaries, churches, and so on. Offering you the beautiful scenery of Medan, it is ideal to be the selection of a comfortable workplace compared to a shophouse.