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4 Things to Prepare Before Buying an Office Space

As a business owner, providing a comfortable working environment for employees is very important. Considering the convenience provided can help to maximize employee productivity.

Choosing an office space is the best option for you. With the facilities provided such as parking areas, reception services, elevators, workspaces, meeting rooms, internet networks, and even today, many office spaces are built with direct access to malls, which will undoubtedly make employees feel comfortable while working. Not only as entertainment facilities, restaurants and cafes in malls are ideal for holding client meetings.

Well, if you are sure to buy an office space, prepare the following 4 things!

Consider Hiring Interior Design Services

Transforming the office space as appealing and comfortable as possible is one of the approaches to making the employees feel at ease and focused more while working. In order to produce the best design, choose an interior designer service to help you actualize the concept you want to apply to your office space. Furthermore, interior design service providers will assist in organizing budget expenses for room renovation, so that it can be modified to fit your budget.

Check Office Space Area Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of an office space. Given that there are numerous important and confidential documents regarding the company. In addition, electronic devices such as computers, laptops, and other various gadgets must be kept safe at all times. It is best to choose an office space that has an excellent security system, such as CCTV and elevators with access cards so that unauthorized persons cannot enter the office space area.

Check Out the Completeness of The Office Furniture

The completeness of an office space furniture is no less important than the completeness of the facilities provided such as the lobby, parking areas, cafetaria areas, cafes, elevator access, and others. For example, whether the office space includes chairs and tables, the availability of meeting rooms, printer, telephone, and other items that facilitate working activities.

Calculate the Expenses

There are many types of office space offered by developers, either for rent or sale. Choose an office space that offers a flexible payment method either through the developer with interest-free installment or through a banking institution for longer payments and lighter installments. You can adjust your office space selection based on your budget and office capacity requirements. 

For those of you who are looking for office space, you should consider the Premium Office Tower in the Podomoro City Deli Medan superblock area. This is the best option because this office space offers numerous facilities. 

The exclusive office is located in the luxurious superblock area of Podomoro City Deli Medan which was built on a land area of 5.2 hectares with the Mixed Use concept. Carrying the integrated concept of One Stop Living, Working, and Shopping, there are Exclusive Apartment, Premium Apartment, Tribeca Condominium, DELIPARK Shopping Mall, RIVAPARK and a five-star hotel. 

The special feature of this office space is the direct access to the largest mall in Medan, namely DELIPARK and the RIVAPARK green open area which offers a wide selection of restaurants with the concept of outdoor dining experiences. You can easily find culinary destinations, various fashion and retail tenants as well as supermarkets. 

DELIPARK has a wide range of restaurants and cafes from which to choose as a meeting place with clients or colleagues. 

The Premium Office Tower has an entrance mode technology with facial recognition, mobile phone access, and access card integrated with high-speed lift access and a sky garden on the top floor of the building, which is a comfortable green open space perfect to relax after work.

The Premium Office Tower in Podomoro City Deli Medan is divided into 3 sections: the Banking Hall, Low zone and High Zone. The banking hall area in the lobby of the Podomoro City Deli Medan Office Tower is specifically provided for banking institutions. In the Banking Hall, the office space is located on the Ground Floor, with an office area starting from a semi gross of 134.79 m2 and an area of 360.09 m2 which has been purchased by Bank Permata. 

For the Low Zone, serving the 1st floor to the 18th floor with various office space sizes ranging from a semi-gross area of 85.08 m2 to 2049.71 m2. Meanwhile, the High Zone serves the 19th floor to the 32nd floor. The office space in Podomoro City Deli Medan has a semi-gross area ranging from 112.3 m2 to 2133.4 m2. The ownership rights for office space provided by Podomoro City Deli Medan is a Strata Title Ownership Certificate.

Currently, many companies from various industries have joined the Premium Office Tower, including banks, insurance companies, finance companies, trading, plantations, health, retail, beauty clinics, advocate offices, notaries, church and so on. Let’s get started by selecting an office space at the Premium Office Tower in Podomoro City Deli Medan!